Welcome to the home of BÄRe

Somewhere in a metaverse far far away...

there was a cute stuffed nft bear who loved bubblegum and naps. This one of a kind adorable nft collection is based on BÄRe. His name represents bare (as in minimalistic) and Bär (the German word for Bear). BÄRe is being developed in the hopes of building a community and safe space for everyone, and in particular the lgbt community and for the women in stem, art, and nft. (basically the future girlbosses of the metaverse)

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Just two girls, a bent ipad, and a stuffed bear...

BÄRe was created by us! We are two gay (and engaged) women in our 20's. The idea for BÄRe stems from our trip to Paris when we got engaged and saw a cute stuffed bear sitting on a bench outside a cafe wearing hot pink sunglasses. We named him Cleo, and he has been the major inspiration for the visual elements of BÄRe. We are creating this nft from scratch, we are just learning from this community as we go and are enjoying the process. Saydie is enjoying learning coding and being more of the math brain for this process, while I (Emily) am having fun designing and drawing these bears, and covering the social media aspects. A major motivation for this project is for us to support and create a platform and community for like minded artists and creators in  this exciting new phase in history. 


Our Community

The Goals of BÄRe

The biggest goals of BÄRe are to create a safe place and community in the nft world for women and our lgbt fam. With BÄRe we are not only focusing on selling this collection for us to be able to afford ivf to start a family, but as this community grow we hope to also collaborate with other creators, businesses, and non-profits to be able to give back to the community and to those who are in the same boat as us: young gay women with a love for art, and a dream of starting a family.

Why choose BÄRe?

By choosing to collect a BÄRe nft you will also:

♡ Become a BÄRe club member

♡ Receive a unique BÄRe sticker

♡ Have a say in future BÄRe products, collections, and experiences.

♡ Be giving to a charity focused on either womens issues or the lgbt community (This is still in progress, and as soon as we know more the details will be posted)

The future of BÄRe

We are very excited for the future of BÄRe. Our ideas have ranged from releasing an nft add-on effect to all minted BÄRe owners, a stuffed bear line, and to creating a game for BÄRe in the metaverse. These are our hopes for this collection, however at the moment we are just enjoying the process of growing our community, making friends, and drawing and creating these nft's for  our first big drop (hopefully sometime in the next month). Please stay tuned and if you have any questions about our collection or would just like to chat, our inbox is always open.


The BÄRe Collection

BÄRe the minimalistic 'Bare' Bär collection.

a sneak peek at the new BÄRe collection. All of these bears are first edition and minted and already ready for the drop.